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Relines are done on dentures every 2 ½-3 years because of bone loss that occurs once the natural teeth have been extracted. The denture will become loose and more sore spots or pressure points will occur. To correct this, we put in a new layer of acrylic on the tissue fitting side of the denture to fill in any areas that are not contacting properly. This procedure will prolong the life of your dentures. Dentures should last between 8-10 years before wearing occurs on the tooth itself. Relines ensure the denture fits properly on the gum over the years of use.

At Pratt Denture Clinic, we offer free consultations. We also provide effective denture repair services. Whether your denture has broken in half or you have broken a tooth, we can usually repair it in just 1 day. If your dentures seem to be moving around excessively, contact us or give us a call.

Denture Relining

Our team offers denture relining services.

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