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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Go With Murray Pratt?

I take pride in my profession and my staff for having not only a great reputation but also being approachable and understanding to all who visit. Taking the steps of tooth extraction can be very traumatic for some and the emotional experience daunting. At our clinic, we are very personable and professional, and make your visit with us as pleasant as possible. If you are thinking of having dentures made, your best choice is to visit a denturist. We are qualified, specifically to fit you with the best denture for your needs. I do all lab work on-site and make all your appointments run as smoothly as possible. The steps for a beautiful smile and a functional denture start here.

How Long Do Dentures Last For?

Depending on the quality of the materials used, dentures typically last from 5-10 years. Regular maintenance is very crucial to maintain the proper fit and function.

How Do I Clean Them?

In the evening, take them out and brush them gently with non-whitening toothpaste. It is best to keep them in a denture cup with water and a cap full of mouthwash overnight. Once or twice a week, using a denture cleaner will help with stains that may occur. We have a cleaner that removes stains and calcium buildup that most patients use. A softer toothbrush is also recommended for cleaning of the gums and tongue as well.

Should I Take My Teeth Out at Night?


The correct answer is definitely yes, but a lot of people do not feel comfortable removing their teeth every night, so I recommend at least 3 times a week to ensure and help your oral tissue stay healthy!

Natural Looking Dentures

We offer quality dentures that look natural.

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