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New Patient Info

Upon arrival for your consultation – whether you had made an appointment or just walked into our office – you will be greeted by our friendly staff.

Once you are brought in to our comfortable operatory, Mr. Pratt will review your health chart and any medications that are being used. Different medications can cause small problems for some denture wearers.

If you have any dental insurance, we can take care of the paperwork, so please bring your dental insurance policy info. 

Our initial consultation is very important for the patient and Mr. Pratt because every patient has different wants and needs, as well as different mouth conditions which could affect the final product. 

Murray will discuss all treatment options with the cost. Once a treatment plan has been accepted and understood, the whole process can begin. Typically the process takes 4-5 appointments. We are fully-equipped with a lab on-site so that we can get dentures done in 6 to 9 working days, however, orders can also be made within a shorter time frame, if necessary.

Pratt Denture Clinics have been recreating smiles with quality dentures in London for 3 decades. Thousands of satisfied patients have experienced the quality care that is crucial for an excellent result. 

A full range of denture services
Relaxing, no rush atmosphere

Please contact us for a free consultation!

Trusted Denture Clinic

We offer a range of dental services.

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